Yang Zi posted beautiful photos to cheer for college entrance examinatio...

At noon on June 6, Yang Zi posted on her social media to sincerely send birthday wishes to the majority of students, “The college entrance exam is coming, don't be nervous, I believe you're definitely the best person in the college entrance exam,” and also prepared many sweet emoticons as gifts for you. After that, Yang Zi's studio also shared some messages to encourage those students who are going to take the college entrance exams, “I've already received @Yang Zi's wishes, and Ah Zhi also hopes that every examinee can achieve excellent results.”

Yang Zi's studio showed off some memorable photos. In the photos, she is wearing a black T-shirt, a baseball cap, and has long black and silky hair. Such a sweet and charming image attracts everyone who looks at it. She is sitting comfortably on a sofa with her fists clenched in her hands as she cheers on her students, and her crooked head posture looks especially cute, so I'm sure her mood will glow under the protection of such a beautiful woman.

Only a few moments later, Yang Zi's studio once again shared a set of wonderful photos and once again expressed its deep blessings, “Weaving the splendor of youth, running to the next stage with dreams as horses. I wish all of you a successful career and fame, and embark on life from now on."

Yang Zi left a message on her cell phone saying, “Go for the college entrance exam,” and gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up to the camera. At the same time, she also put a sticker on the side of her cell phone labeled “All the best”, which is undoubtedly a special way for her to serve the students, showing her dedication and heart. At this moment, it was also observed that her complexion looked particularly fair and moist, and her aura was still full of youthful vigor, as beautiful as when she first fell in love.

She showed a variety of lovely faces facing the camera. Her bright and luminous eyes look especially lively and clear, sometimes acting lively and cute, sometimes revealing tenderness and sweetness, all of which make her win people's love and praise. No wonder after years have passed, Yang Zi has still won the general favor of the public.

As we all know, Yang Zi started her acting career from the perspective of a child star, and over the years, she has brought forth a large number of impressive movie and television creations. Due to her excellent acting skills, the general public holds her in high esteem. In addition, her fashion appeal and extraordinary looks are equally loved by the audience, making her an extremely talented actress.

Sometime in 2010, Yang Zi managed to enter the acting department of the Beijing Film Academy as a college student with her outstanding performance; however, during that time, she still showed us many amazing movie works.

Currently, Yang Zi sends her best wishes to those students who are about to take the college entrance exam, and expects them to achieve the same outstanding scores and offer their own smiles for this period of youth. In the meantime, we're all looking forward to more impressive performances from Yang Zi in the future!




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