Xiao Zhan's five-month artistic journey in "Legend of the Sea" and in-de...

From December 30, 2023 to May 31, 2024, this is not only five months on the timeline, but also a profound journey of artistic exploration and self-transcendence that Xiao Zhan has undertaken in the project of “Legend of the Hidden Sea” with the character of “Lord Hidden Sea” as the carrier. With the announcement of the finalization of the film, it not only marks the successful conclusion of a stage, but also heralds the departure of a brand new story.

I. Beginner's heart is like a rock, craftsmanship builds a dream

From the first day of the movie, Xiao Zhan devoted himself to the role of “Hidden Sea Master”. This role, for him, is not only a simple interpretation of the task, but also a baptism of the soul and skill sharpening. During the five-month-long period, Xiao Zhan always maintained a pure heart, immersing himself completely in the world of the character and striving to accurately convey the character's emotions and inner world with every look, every line, and every action. His persistence and concentration is the best interpretation of the word “craftsmanship”.

Second, perseverance paves the way for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The filming environment of “Hidden Sea” is complicated and changeable, Xiao Zhan faced not only the physical challenges, but also the test of spiritual level. In five months, whether it was shooting on location under the scorching sun, or lighting in the studio late at night, he was in the fullest state of mind and never complained of suffering. Xiao Zhan knows that behind every seemingly ordinary character, there are infinite possibilities hidden, and as long as you dig with your heart, you can make the character blossom with a unique luster. His perseverance and persistence have gradually fleshed out the character of “Hidden Sea University Man”, which has become a living, flesh-and-blood existence from the flat text.

Deep Dialogue and Self-Transcendence of the Character

In the process of portraying “Zanghai Daren”, Xiao Zhan constantly conducts in-depth dialogues with the character, trying to enter into the depths of the character's heart, understanding and feeling his joys and sorrows. This deep communication between the character and himself not only makes the character more three-dimensional and vivid, but also allows Xiao to realize self-transcendence in his acting skills. Every in-depth interpretation of the script, every delicate grasp of emotions is his pursuit of acting excellence. Xiao Zhan believes that every effort will not be in vain, and every effort will be turned into a point of light to illuminate his way forward.

New journey, never stop

With the finalization of “Legend of the Hidden Sea”, Xiao Zhan's artistic journey did not stop. For him, every end is the horn of a new beginning. He will continue to embark on a new journey with his love for acting, his reverence for his role, and his unchanging beginner's heart. The Legend of the Tibetan Sea is not only an important milestone in his acting career, but also a source of motivation for him to keep moving forward.

Five months may not be a long time for the shooting of a TV drama, but for Xiao and the team of “Legend of the Hidden Sea”, it was a challenging and rewarding time. It witnessed Xiao Zhan's growth as an actor and recorded an artist's deep interpretation of his role. Now, with the joy of the finalization of the film, we are looking forward to the release of the finalization special, trailers, and footage, and even more so, when “Legend of the Hidden Sea” is officially broadcast, we will be able to witness how Xiao Zhan will present the role of “Hidden Sea Master” to the audience with his superb acting skills, so let's look forward to this feast of vision and emotion together.




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