Join TACA!猫途鹰向全球招募「旅行体验官」,让世界更了解中国




TACA(Tripadvisor China Association) is a community composed of young travelers from different countries and cultures. The community activities are initiated and organized by Tripadvisor, taking place in various locations and offering travel exploration opportunities across China.

We aspire to provide foreign travelers in China with more resources and platforms to explore the unique customs and culture of China. We aim to promote the authentic, profound, and genuine essence of China to a wider global audience.

Through our curated travel itineraries, we encourage everyone to share their travel experiences, insights, and perspectives on social media platforms. We hope to leverage the influence of our community to showcase a more authentic China to the world, thereby inspiring more foreign tourists to visit and understand the true essence of China.

   如果你是 IF you are:

  • 外籍人士 

    A Foreign national

  • 每年至少在中国停留1个月以上

    Staying in China for at least one month per year

  • 喜欢在社交媒体平台上分享自己的旅游经历

    Enjoying sharing travel experiencres on social media platforms.

  • 拥有海内外至少3个社交媒体账号

    Possessing at least 3 social media accounts, including both Chinese and international platforms.

    • Instagram/Tiktok/YouTube 至少有2个平台账号

      Have at least two platform accounts on Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube 

    • 小红书/抖音/微博/微信视频号 至少有1个平台账号

      Have at least one platform account on Little Red Book, Douyin, Weibo, Wechat Vedio

  • 招募时间:长期有效

    Recruitment Duration : On going


We hope that you can


Become a "Travel Experience Ambassador": If you are good at writing, graphic photography, or video editing, or if you are a travel vlogger, digital nomad, outdoor enthusiasts, Chinese-foreign couple, or an Expat living in China, you are welcome to join our recruitment! We look forward to having you on board!

或 成为「旅居人领队」:有句话说,一座城市的旅居者有时候会比本地人更了解这座城市新鲜与深度的玩法。如果你是一名旅居中国的伙伴,并且擅长组织城市探索活动,愿意带领外籍人士们一起探索中国的大城小县,欢迎加入我们的组织!我们也会根据情况,给予你一定的资源曝光或报酬。

Or become an "Expat Local Leader": There is a saying that sojourners in a city sometimes know more about the freshness and depth of the city than the local people. 

If you are an expat living in China, who is not only good at organizing urban exploration activitiesbut also willing to lead the foreigners to explore the big cities and small counties in China .You are the one we are looking for! Welcome to join our organization! We will also give you exposure and rewards based on your performance.